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How I got a Superjob at SuperDOT

This post is aimed for my Serbian friends from SuperDot marketing agency, that's why it's in English. 
Cool motto by Ugljesa, our BOSS

OK, I see that one of the greatest stories is still staying behind the curtain! And it’s really about time to reveal it to public;). So, let all the world listen to it and discover!

…Tonight our weather has been continuing to present 20-degrees-below-zero frost and now I am finally sitting relaxed in my bed after intense day of exams and work, writing these words on my netbook, ‘cause I feel how much I want to share my happiness that I've been feeling after returning to my usual life in Ukraine. All emotions have got much more calm already, but I'm still refreshing every day shot by shot, memory by memory one of the best memories of my whole lifetime..:)!

So, I want to dedicate this post of gratitude for the bunch of greatest people I’ve met working together, who showed me what TEAMWORK is in real life, who contributed a lot into my perception of what the truly amazing small/medium company should look like and who simply became my good friends in Serbia.

Famous monday-morning internal joke
by account manager Ljuba

SuperDot people, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and try to express everything that I feel towards you:))!

I feel like being incredibly lucky to use the chance to do an AIESEC internship and end up in SuperDot marketing agency in Belgrade, where I experienced all that stuff, environment, time, relations, aspirations and feelings.

It was very productive time for me and I wanted to become productive for SuperDot as well. 
I learned a lot. I learned so many things in 3 months, I’ve never learned for the whole 4 years of studying at the university.
Now I know to cut, to pack, sort, pile, glue, stick, stretch, foil, fail and laminate:)) Kidding;)))

My first frases in Serbian:
"How do U do, dude! Give me 5!"

I’ve seen how business works facing reality and I got an opportunity to watch how great motivation and devotion of workers do deal with it every day, smiling and making fun simultaneously.

I believe I became a bit different and I hope this difference in me will contribute to other people I am up to meet in my nearest and latest future.

You know, guys, SuperDot has raised the bar really high for me;)!!! I mean I realize, that I’ll probably aim to look for, find (or even make together) such a similar FORMIDABLE company in Ukraine and I won’t be fully satisfied until I do!;)))

"Are U hungry?" - "Pancaaakes!"
Thank you for all cool days we’ve spent!
Thank you for the most cordial reception and goodbye:)!
Thank you for your jokes, care, support, friendship and love.
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get to know Moo-shema, which I still treat as a child)).
And great thanks for teaching me a bit of Serbian language, for all cool Fridays, for lunches with palačinke, for all internal jokes we laughed at, for letting me being a "steniće", for all that talks, feelings, thoughts and emotions shared!

I want you to know that each day I feel that I miss you and I’m remembering every one of you!

Ugljesa, Nevena, Jejo, Ljuba, Tamara, Iva, Biljo, Alex, Mina, Achi, Neske, Ivan, Pepi, Veljo, Marko, Maja, Irena, Petar, Iva, Ivana, Maria, Alexandra and every person I’ve ever met at your company!!! (hope I didn't forget anyone!)

I’m sure we will meet again someday and I again invite you to visit Ukraine! (Better in summer, ‘cause now it’s too cold for your weather habits)
And I'm pretty sure I want to meet you in Serbia as well;)!

With great love and respect, 
warm greatings from snowy Ukraine:)!

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